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Hartzler Family Dairy




Winter Hours


Monday - Saturday: 10:00am - 7:00pm

Sunday: Closed


While our premium homemade ice creams have some unusual sounding names   (Ditch Tea Delight anyone?), their descriptions may be just enough to get you down to our Ice Cream Shoppe for a visit!

While you're here you can enjoy a tasty bite to eat with a cold glass of milk or other refreshment, browse our book offerings, and stock up on some Hartzler milk and butter. We also carry a select assortment of Amish cheeses and other small novelties.

Click on your favorite-sounding ice-cream flavor for a description, or scroll all the delicious descriptions below:


Ice Cream Flavors

Banana Pudding Farm House
Black Cherry Heifer Trails
Black Raspberry Cream Hot Fudge Brownie
Blushing Bessie Hot Mudd
Butter Pecan Maple Nut
Cherry Cheese Cake Mint Chocolate Chip
Chicken Feed Mocha Caramel Chip
Chocolate Mocha Mud 

Chocolate Royale 

Monkey Business
Coconut Almond Fudge Moonure 
Cookies & Cream Purple Cow 
Cookie Dough Road Hogg
Cowboy Crunch Strawberry Cream
Cow Pies & Cream Trip to the Dentist 
Ditch Tea Delight Vanilla

Please stop in and ask about our seasonal flavors


Banana Pudding

Real bananas in vanilla ice cream.

Black Cherry

Black Cherry ice cream with Black Cherry Chunks

Black Raspberry Cream

Creamy black raspberry

Blushing Bessie

Wild Cherry ice cream with black cherry chunks, chocolate chips, and vanilla wafers

Butter Pecan

Butter pecan loaded with roasted, salted pecans.

Cherry Cheese Cake

Cherry swirl & crushed graham crackers in cheesecake flavored ice cream.

Chicken Feed

This is actually a spin-off of Cow Pies & Cream. We throw lots of almonds, butterscotch swirl and homemade brownies into batches of vanilla ice cream. The result? Although we have never done it, we think this is what it would look like if you threw chicken feed into vanilla ice cream.


Creamy good ole chocolate.

Chocolate Royale

Raspberry puree, cashews and chocolate chunks in chocolate  ice cream.

Coconut Almond Fudge

Fudge & Almonds in coconut flavored ice cream.

Cookies & Cream

Crushed Oreos in our premium vanilla.

Cookie Dough

Creamy vanilla with bits of cookie dough.

Cowboy Crunch

Cookies and CreamButter Pecan ice cream with toffee and chocolate swirl.

Cow Pies and Cream

If you have ever lived on a farm and worked around cows, you will understand how this ice cream got its name. First, we make our brownies big and round. The brownies are then mixed with pecans and chocolate swirl into our homemade vanilla ice cream. It's like a brownie sundae in every bite. 

 Ditch Tea Delight

A lot of folks are curious about the origins of this mint ice cream with Oreos®. Our family used to enjoy a delicious fresh mint tea in the summers. The only catch... we kids had to pick those fuzzy mint leaves ourselves out of a large ditch on the farm before Mom could make it.


Light & creamy orange ice cream.

Farm House

Cherry chunks in vanilla ice cream.

Heifer Trails

Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Reese's PB Cup, chocolate chips, and peanut butter swirl.

Hot Fudge Brownie

Homemade brownies and fudge in chocolate ice cream.

Hot Mudd

Zack, Gene Hartzler's son, named this one. You'll have to ask him for more details. OreoTM cookies, marshmallows and chocolate ice cream come together for a fine rich treat.

Maple Nut

Premium maple nut ice cream with large walnut chunks.

Mint Chocolate Chip

Minty cool ice cream loaded with chocolate chips.

Mocha Carmel Chip

Mocha ice cream with caramel swirl and chocolate chips

Mocha Mud

Mocha ice cream with crushed chocolate cookies and fudge

Monkey Business

Peanut Butter ice cream with fresh bananas and crushed chocolate cookies


Chocolate Ice Cream, caramel, cheesecake chunks, pecans, and dark chocolate chips.

Purple Cow

A smooth and creamy grape sensation.

Road Hogg

This is what impatient drivers have often called farmers operating large, slow-moving vehicles on country roads. It's what we call an old favorite that should probably be eaten slowly. It begins with a butter pecan base and then is wonderfully transformed through the addition of generous amounts of chopped SnickersTM and fudge.

Strawberry Cream

Rich and Creamy Strawberry.

Trip to the Dentist

Chocolate ice cream with Reese's peanut butter cup candy.


Our #1 seller. Rich and creamy homemade vanilla.


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Did You Know?

11 c milk = 1 1/2G icecream It takes about 11 cups of milk and cream to make a half gallon of our ice cream.  


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