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Hartzler Family Dairy


Because of the increased demand for Hartzler's Butter, we have had to procure another supplier of cream.  Hartzler butter is:

  • Locally produced
  • Artificial Hormone Free
  • Low Temperature Vat Pasteurized

We've had a few people ask us why we don't say that our butter is grass-fed or all natural.  Here is what we've told them:

We understand your concern regarding Hartzler butter production and are so thankful for customers such as yourself. However, what you may not know is that there is a cream shortage all over this area. Due to this shortage, we basically have two options: (1) only make butter with the small amount of cream that Hartzler's has available. That would end in a butter shortage and in turn, the price would skyrocket -maybe even triple price for the butter. Or (2) we could source the best cream that is available right now and continue to produce local, artificial hormone free, and low temperature pasteurized butter. That is what we've chosen to do. We are continually looking for other local sources of cream and will update our website if anything changes. Thank you so much for your care and concern regarding our products!   ~The Hartzlers


Our butter is sold in 2 pound rolls -- salted or unsalted. If your recipes call for 2 sticks or 1 cup then how does that convert? Check out this table for a cheat sheet.







5 1/3



1/12 roll





1/8 roll





1/4 roll

 1 1/2




3/8 roll





1/2 roll


Our butter comes in 2 pound rolls salted or unsalted. Delicious for cooking!


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