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Hartzler Family Dairy

Better than Organic

“HARTZLER products are better than Organic!”                     a customer declared.

Strong comment…..
In this world where everyone is looking to jump on the latest industry trend to increase sales, it seems that the term “Organic” may be a bit confusing to the buying public.

At HARTZLER FAMILY DAIRY, we appreciate the fact that our customers recognize us as a company that provides a product that is, as it says on our Milk bottle, “as Nature intended.”

When Harold Hartzler made the decision in 1964, fifty years ago, to stop using chemical pesticides, herbicides, and artificial growth hormones on the family farm it was not a marketing decision. He did it because he had witnessed the harmful effect of chemical run-off on a neighboring farm after a storm. He decided to farm, “as Nature intended.”

Are HARTZLER FAMILY DAIRY products “Better than Organic?”

  • We have used no Chemical pesticides or herbicides on our family farms since 1964. We also use no GMO seeds on our farms.
  • We manage the farms, the herds, and the Dairy Processing plant assuring us total control of the Natural standards on which we insist.
  • Our milk is gently pasteurized at low temperature to assure the safety of the product without negatively affecting the milk’s flavor or nutrient values.
  • We do not homogenize our milk. This leaves the cream is its natural state, allowing the body to digest it easily.
  • HARTZLER packages our retail milk in recyclable glass bottles only to provide our customers with the freshest taste possible and to respect and take care of the earth.

Are HARTZLER FAMILY DAIRY products “Better than Organic?” We’ll leave that up to you to decide. Naturally.


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