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Lactose Intolerant 1 out of 10 people in the U.S are lactose intolerant? That’s approximately 40 million people. We are so excited that some customers with these intolerances have come to us stating that they can drink Hartzler’s Milk. Consumer Testimonials. Milk has a vast amount of nutrients that are important for adults and children alike. But it’s also important to know whether those nutrients are actually being digested and delivered to you body.


No breakfast before school? No excuses

No breakfast before school? No excuses

Nutrition expert Alice Bender at the American Institute for Cancer Research urges parents to model healthy breakfast habits for their children, including eating whole grains, fruit and dairy. Research shows children who eat breakfast perform better academically than those who do not.      

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How to Drink Hartzler Milk

No breakfast before school? No excuses

"..The Cream Rises to the top"

Whether you drink it straight from the bottle (we won't tell your mom), or from a favorite glass, there's one thing you need to do first: SHAKE BEFORE DRINKING! That's because our milk is all natural and the cream rises to the top -- that's what makes our milk healthier and tastier than most!

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