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Milk: The Whole Wholesome Story

While milk may seem to be a simple matter, there’s actually quite a bit most people don’t know - especially why some milk is healthier for you than others. It’s our mission at Hartzler Family Dairy to educate you about milk, and why you can trust us to provide the healthiest, safest and tastiest milk around.

It comes down to our method of processing, which starts before our cows are ever milked! You see, we believe in doing things the way nature intended, so our cows are artificial hormone-free, and we rely as little as possible on mechanical processing. So what does this mean to you? Plenty...

The health benefits of drinking Hartzler milk make it the smart choice for you and your family:

Superior Nutrition

...grass fed cows & unhomogenized milk make the difference!

Hartzler’s dairy cows graze freely in pasture and consume healthy, green grass during warm weather months. Milk from grass-fed cows has a higher content of vitamins and Omega-3s,as well as higher levels of conjugated linoleic acid, which have been found to have cancer-fighting properties. In addition, Hartzler milk is not homogenized, leaving milkfat globules intact to carry important nutrients like Vitamins A & D to the body.

Improved Digestion

...low-temperature vat pasteurization preserves enzymes.

Hartzler milk is enzyme-rich due to our low-temperature vat pasteurization process. These enzymes are crucial for digestion, as they assimilate nutrients into the body. Lactase, for example, converts lactose into energy and phosphatase assimilates calcium into our bones. We are the only dairy in Ohio to pasteurize milk this way. Our process kills harmful bacteria, in compliance with FDA rules, without harming enzymes. Because of this, many people who have been diagnosed as lactose intolerant can drink our milk!

All Natural Goodness

...no artificial hormones in our cows, means none in your milk!

Our cows are certified artificial hormone free and are fed from our own farms. They graze on pesticide and herbicide-free grass in warm months and receive pesticide and herbicide-free hays, grasses, and silage grown on our own farms during snowy winter months. 


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Grassfed Milk

Grassfed Milk

Earlier experiments have shown that cows on a diet of fresh grass produce milk with five times as much of an unsaturated fat called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than do cows fed processed grains. Studies in animals have suggested that CLAs can protect the heart, and help in weight loss.

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How to Drink Hartzler Milk

Grassfed Milk

"..The Cream Rises to the top"

Whether you drink it straight from the bottle (we won't tell your mom), or from a favorite glass, there's one thing you need to do first: SHAKE BEFORE DRINKING! That's because our milk is all natural and the cream rises to the top -- that's what makes our milk healthier and tastier than most!

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